About Us

About Northpoint
Since 2002

We provide food services as well as other community programs

Our History
We provide emergency and ongoing food relief to individuals and families who are doing it tough – no matter what their religion, background or personal situation. We do this in a caring and compassionate way that enables members of our community to enjoy a higher standard of living than would otherwise be possible. Northpoint Centre was established in 2002. In September 2009 we moved to the Tullamarine distribution site where we provide our core food services.
In 2020 Northpoint Centre went under New Ownership and Management, with the same purpose to continue serving our local and wider communities from our hearts to your table. We are indeed fortunate to be supported by amazing volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who provide their time and expertise to our organisation so that we can have the capacity to support people in our community who are going through difficult times.

Our Values

  • Commuinity
  • Compassion
  • Respect

These are the core values that our organisation holds close to our hearts


Our Partners

Northpoint Centre truly values our partners, for without them the job of feeding people would not be possible. We are proud that our partners have been with us for so many years. Thank You !

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are amazing people. Humble in spirit and generous of their time. We are blessed to have a great volunteer army that never give up serving their community.
Thank You !
Our other Community Programs
Community Food Hub

We rescue food from bakeries and local food distributors including Fare Share. Oz Harvest and Food bank. We make sure that there is enough to go around to help other community organisations and schools so they can continue their important work in the community.

Special School Programs