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To our Northpoint Centre community: 


Please look up askizzy.org.au for services available during this time.



 We continue to recognise the difficult and challenging times our community find themselves in. If you have family and neighbours that you know are doing it really tough please don’t hesitate to let them know about our services here at Tullamarine or one of our other sites – please see our locations tab.

If you are struggling, or doing it tough, we ask that you reach out to someone or an organisation that can help journey with you through these times. Please don’t feel you have to go through things alone. There are people who can help by listening and they can also guide you if further professional help is needed.

Here are some mental health organisations that can help:

HeadspaceKids HelplineBeyond BlueLifeline as well as many others. Reach out, because it’s ok to not be ok. We’re a community for the community. 

Stay safe.


What we do

Northpoint Centre Provides over 500 food parcels every week to individuals and families throughout Melbourne who are doing it tough. Founded in 2002 by Pastor Loren, Northpoint Centre operates from it’s large distrubution centre and Head Office in Tullamarine. We have satellite collection sites currently in Coburg, Craigieburn and Sunbury.
We are fortunate to have amazing volunteers in our organisation that devote their time to prepare for such high demands and ensure everything runs smoothly.
We are also very grateful to our contributors of food and our financial supporters. We could not do this without them!

Northpoint Centre is a registered Not for profit charitable entity.


Need Assistance ?

If you or someone you know could do with a food parcel, then contact us at Northpoint Centre Tullamarine. We will collect some details from you and guide you to our nearest support site. If your need is more immediate, you are welcome to drop into our Tullamarine and collect a food parcel. Please see our locations tab for address information and operating hours.

Don’t Panic !

If it’s for a short term need or ongoing support that you need, Don’t Panic. We are here to help you through a difficult period. We help reduce financial pressure by providing food parcels to individuals and families from all walks of life throughout Melbourne. We are here to help !

About our Food Parcels

We provide nutritious food parcels that include water, condiments, canned food, bread, fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products as well as assorted snacks. Although not all products are available all the time, there is a variety and we strive to cover the main healthy food groups. The food Northpoint Centre provides, and the tools needed to prepare our food parcels, are sourced from our generous supporters. Click on Our Supporters tab to find out who they are, and when you see them, pass on our thanks, for without them this important initiative could not be possible.

Get Involved by Volunteering

We are always looking for volunteers who can commit to voluntarily working at least one day a week.

These opportunities may suit students who are studying and want to gain some practical business experience or people who are looking to support a worthy cause in a regular and meaningful way.

If you can help we would love to hear from you.
If you would like more information from us about how you can volunteer then contact us at Tullamarine Head Office on
03 9338 1898 or email info@northpointcentre.org.au

We could certainly use your skills.